New Beginnings

To say the least, 2015 was a year of change. I got engaged in January and was married by September. In between that time I changed jobs and moved to a new apartment. I don’t recommend making all those life changes at once, but sometimes life plays out of its own accord and you just have to go with it.

It’s been a little over a month since the honeymoon and my husband, Andrew, and I are settling in to married life. We miraculously have found places to put all of our brand new, fancy kitchen things from our registry in our San Francisco studio apartment, and are figuring out how to make our small space home.

Now that life is finally settling into a new normal, without a wedding to plan and a new job that doesn’t feel so new anymore, I am picking back up Without a Cellar. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time and with all the new things happening in my life, I wanted my blog to start anew as well. So I gave it a face lift and snazzy logo (created by the wonderfully talented Praise Santos of ComePlum), and here it is! Ta-da!

Instead of focusing on pickling and preserving, I’m going broad and will be writing about really whatever I want that is food-related. I expect most of it will be about the new recipes I try (from my endless sources of inspiration), the dinner parties Andrew and I host (with all of our amazing friends), and building a life with a man who loves to cook as much as I do. But San Francisco has so much to offer that you can also expect a number of restaurant and local food recommendations/reviews.

I hope you enjoy the posts and food to come!

Happy reading and eating,

Janelle Kim


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